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Services - Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Lisa is an amazing dentist who has special experience and training in children’s dental issues. Dr. Lisa makes the adults feel like kids as well with her special enthusiasm.

Let Dr. Lisa care for your children’s dental needs.

1st Dental Visit

For optimal oral health, a good rule of thumb is to bring your child to the dentist by his/her first birthday. Your child needs to visit a dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually between six and 12 months of age. A gentle examination will be performed on your baby’s mouth, teeth and gums and a fluoride varnish is recommended to be applied. Be sure your child visits the dentist early to give him/her the best chance of preventing dental problems. Children with healthy teeth chew food easily and smile with confidence. Start your child now on a lifetime of good dental habits.

Dr. Lisa is very experienced in the treatment of children and the ability to have your whole family in one location is a wonderful plus. The kids LOVE Dr. Lisa !!!!

Emergency Policy

We have someone on call until 9 pm every day.
We see our patients and referrals from our patients.

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